I can’t even tell you how many people I have seen putting up Christmas decorations already and of course the stores are full of all the Christmas stuff so I figured it was time to start making the kids wish lists.

This is a huge undertaking, I want to make sure they ask for things they actually need and want, that won’t annoy the life out of us so I try to put a lot of thought into what we suggest to family.

This year I decided I don’t want many toys for the kids, honestly my kids do not play with many toys and they get really overwhelmed with a ton of stuff and end up just dumping it all out and leaving it for me to pick up. I do not handle messes/clutter well so this is in everyone’s best interest!

My oldest basically just wants money so he’s easy but the other 2 kids are a little more difficult. They literally need nothing. They all have plenty of clothes, shoes, toys and they are little what could they really even want? We are on the go all the time with the big kids’ travel sports so I am always looking for activities to the little one’s occupied. Some of the things that will go on their lists this year are:

  • Travel playdough sets

  • Drawing sets

  • Small puzzles

  • Snack containers and cool cups

For my kids and our nieces and nephew, my sister-in-laws and I all just draw names for the kids instead of buying each one a gift and we set a $ limit. I love this idea because it saves us all a little money, time, and my kids do not need twice as much stuff! lol

Normally I have a list of 3 or so things that I think the kids would really like, I spend a lot of time scouring the web looking for age appropriate toys that “might” peak their interests. Well this year that’s not happening. Their lists will consist of 1-2 items that they legitimately need or have asked for and that’s it. Frankly if its a $5 item that’s fine with me.

A few things that I have thought of that are a little different to put on the kids lists are:

  • Snacks, my kids love  junk food but I don’t buy it for them very often so put some of their favorites on the list for an aunt or cousin.

  • Passes for activities. Activities can be so expensive so why not ask for gift cards or passes to places like, Dave and Busters, the arcade, batting cages, tot play places, skating, or bowling.

  • Movie theater gift card! It is insane how much going to the movies costs these days so this is a gift card that my kids would like.

  • Subscription services. There are subscriptions for basically anything you can think of from meals to crafts and books. My kids love getting mail so this could be a treat all year.

  • College fund. Now this might not be a popular item on the list with older kids but when they are little they have no clue what they did or didn’t get so why not ask the grandparents to put money towards something that will help them later in life?!

  • A date where ever they want to go. Make up a couple of “coupons” for a date with whomever and watch their eyes light up! Maybe give them the choice of where to eat or what activity to go do but you really can’t give a better gift than just spending time with them. They will be more likely to remember that than the video game they got.

  • Buy a class session or camp. What passion or interests do your kids have? There are classes for basically any and everything these days so why not give them a class as a present. If it’s something they really like doing, they will love that horse back riding lesson, learn to skate class, or a basketball camp.

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