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I feel a little helpless and worried for our children’s futures. I have felt that way for quite some time and the feeling is stronger than ever. In light of the absolutely tragic events in Charlottesville this past week I have been doing  a lot of reflecting and you know the conclusion that I’ve come to?  This is not just one persons fault. We are living in a society that is learning it’s ok to spread hate and decide the fate of those around us. I have never seen so many nasty and malicious acts being reported on the news in my all my life. This is not the only tragedy that we have faced and I am pretty sure it will not be the last but look at how its being handled. We no longer have to worry about forces outside of the U.S. tearing our country apart we are doing a fine job all on our own. I feel as though we are imploding and not many people seem to notice…..I worry about taking my kids places because who knows what’s going to happen.
I’ve heard a lot of complaining and finger pointing as usual the last week or so and you know what? Lives were lost and other lives were changed forever. It is time for everyone to stop whining about what is wrong with the world and start pitching in to change things. I am as guilty as anyone else of saying that I think this or that or stupid or so and so are idiots for doing this or that. We have  all done it but I am reminded time and time again that my kids are mimicking my actions and words. I punish my kids for saying the exact same things that fly out of my mouth.  It’s like the old saying “Monkey see, monkey do”. More than likely you have tiny little people that you love watching your every move as well and listening to every word that comes out of your mouth. Show them how to disagree with someone’s tactics in a mature and kind way. My go to phrase for my kids when they are fighting is ” two wrongs don’t make a right”. Children are being thrown into the world with no concept of this really simple concept and that is a big part of the problem. Show them how to be active in society and help make the changes that are necessary for us to thrive not how to infection everything they touch with hate and violence. The internet is a crazy, scary place but it can also be an resource if you are looking for ways to get involved.
I feel like I need to put this out there because maybe at least one person will take it to heart and that’s all I can ask for. I do not get into politics much because frankly it gives me a migraine and people get very upset if they are disagreed with on this topic so I usually avoid it like the plague but this president is the one we have right now, like it or not. You don’t have to like him or agree with his policies or tactics but is necessary to start showing some respect. I feel the same way as I did with our last president, he has his faults and some things I agree with while others make me cringe but I continue to say a prayer for him everyday to lead us in the right direction. If you are supporter and think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread then great, go advocate for his policies but if you would rather be in a hole filled with rattle snakes than have him as president for one more day then work on getting him out of office. Stop with the attacks though, that just fuels the fire that is raging.
On top of the atrocities that we are reeling from as a country just in the last week, we have a bullying epidemic. Kids are watching those around them and people on television in particular, and are being shown that when we don’t like someone for whatever reason we have the right to humiliate, belittle, or kill them. They are not taught how to listen to the other side of the situation and try to be reasonable or compromise. Look at our government for example, they play the game of  “I don’t like this person so I am against everything they are for, even if it might be for the greater good”. I’m not saying every single one of them does it but it does seem to be the running theme and has been, in my opinion, for quite some time. That’s not getting us anywhere we need to go though. We are so fortunate to have free speech in this country but it comes with a responsibility to think about the things we say and hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions. I do realize that some people just have hate in their hearts and there is no amount of discussion or compromising that will change that but I do not feel that is the case for everyone.
So you don’t like a social media page? Then unfollow it and move on with your life instead of making nasty comments. Don’t like the way the government is handling things? Find a way to become involved in politics, do your research, and become an activist. Your kid doesn’t like the little girl sitting next to her on the school bus? Then talk to her about how to get to know the girl because they could possibly get along  really well or to just move seats. It’s that simple! Will this solve all of the worlds problems? Absolutely not but we all have to start somewhere and showing some understanding for other peoples differences might bring about more of a change than you think. Different can be really scary especially if you’ve only known one way of living but it doesn’t have to be bad.
It blows my mind that people are killed just because their skin color is not the same as someone else’s. What difference on God’s green earth does it make if your neighbors religion is different from yours or if their skin is darker or lighter than yours? If they are not hurting anyone then what difference does it make?  If you really dig down deep most of us have the same goal at the end of the day, to take care of our loved ones and be loved. Learn something new today, talk to that person with different skin color or religious views and you might come away with something valuable or maybe you can leave them with something more than their selves to think about. Show someone a kindness today, you never know how your actions will affect someone. Do your best to make those actions positive and maybe we will start to see some change that we so desperately need in this world. Show our kids how to live a life full of love, understanding, open mindedness, and progress.
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