Best Books for 9 Year Olds


Up until last year my now 9 year old really did not enjoy reading which sucked because I LOVE to read! I will stay up until 3am to finish a book because I always tell myself “just one more chapter” then of course 3 hours and like 10 chapters later i put it down lol. Anyways you can imagine my excitement when he started getting into books?! Granted he’s not at the John Grisham or James Patterson level of books but we are making progress.

He has plowed through the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Man, Big Nate, Amulet, Smile and Captain Underpants series. He started on the Percy Jackson books recently but I’m not sure he will be as engaged with those since they aren’t the comic style that he has grown to love.

If you have a kiddo that you’re trying to encourage to read more these books might just do the trick. They are silly, pretty easy to read, and have graphics since they are more of a comic and it seems to hold kids attention a little better.

The best way that I have found to get my son to enjoy reading is by reading to him. We do not do that very often anymore since he can read on his own and I struggle to find the time since I have 2 little ones to put to bed as well. He loved it when was little, it was always a part of his bedtime routine for one of us to go in and read a story to him before he went to sleep.

I let him pick out his own books, once a month he brings home an order form from school from scholastic and he goes through and circles what he wants. It’s crazy how different our tastes in books are, a book I think would be interesting does not interest him in the least! This way I have a good, age appropriate list of books to go off of and he gets a say in what we get him.

Luckily a lot of his friends enjoy reading as well so we can trade/borrow books sometimes too!

He really likes to use my kindle app to read too so sometimes I will download books on there for him. I don’t love him spending so much time looking at a tablet or computer screen but it is nice to change it up and sometimes the kindle books are cheaper than the paper books. We don’t have an actual Kindle but I just downloaded the Kindle app on my phone and the Ipad and it works really well.

Amazon is my go to for a lot of things including books. They have good prices and I don’t have to take my kids to the store to pick them out. I don’t know about you but I avoid taking my kids to stores as much as possible! $$$$$$

I am hoping to find some more books like these for Christmas since he has read all of the books in those 6 series! If you have any suggestions on books leave a comment!


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