How to Start your Blog

So in this previous post here I talked about why I started blogged now we can move onto how to start a blog.
First you have to find a host for your blog. I chose to use BlueHost. I have heard good and bad things about all of the sites including this one but I have been very happy with it! You do have to pay for this host but if you are going to monetize your blog you won’t be able to effectively do it with one of the free sites. I paid under $180 to have my blog hosted on this site for the next 3 years which I think is a great deal to start your own business. This gives me a goal to be successful within the next 3 years with my blog and I won’t be tempted to quit in a couple months because I haven’t started earning very much. Right now they are running a sale starting at $3.49  a month you get your own website!

BlueHost uses WordPress which seems really confusing but if you are having issues or don’t understand something just give them a call. I have had to make a few calls because something wasn’t working or I just didn’t understand how to do something and they have been tremendously helpful! There all kinds of different “plugins” and “widgets” available to download for your page for free. These vary from adding the social media buttons so others can share your posts to setting up ads on your page. I had no clue what they were or how to use them but it really is pretty simple.
Setting up your page can be intimidating but there are several free themes/layouts available with WordPress. When you’re first starting out there really is no point in paying for things you don’t need yet if you can make due with the free items. Once you are pulling in an income then invest in some of the paid themes. There are webpage designers available that will set up your page and everything for a fee. I chose not to do this because I wanted to spend as little as possible starting out but if you have the extra cash and don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself then I would say go for it.
Once you get your page setup like you want you will want to start writing posts. You’ll want to have 5-10 decent posts available before you launch your site to the public so they have something to read. You won’t have many return visitors if you have 1 small post. I know a lot of people say you should have 25-50 posts but I think that is a little too much since I personally wouldn’t sit down to read that many at one time.
Once you are ready to launch your site set up a promotion or something that tells potential readers and social media friends that you will be launching a website soon. It will build anticipation and will hopefully bring in more visitors. I made a Facebook page separate for my website and invited all of my friends to like my page. The idea is once your friends like your page their friends will see and hopefully like it as well. I was really nervous to do it because I had that fear of someone thinking it was dumb but everyone was so supportive! I can choose to publish my post on Facebook right away or I can schedule it for a later date and time which is so awesome! It saves me a little time every week to just setup the dates and times for posts to be published and I am not spamming everyone at one time with 5 posts!
Creating Facebooks ads seems pretty popular and I did receive a Facebook promotional credit for ads once my page FB page was setup that I used to reach more people. I think it was a good idea and the prices for the ads really are not much so I will probably pay for an ad here or there to promote my page. They can create one for you or you can set up your own ad. I have found several great blogs through those paid for advertisements on Facebook.
There are many different ways to start earning money with your blog. Becoming an affiliate for companies, AdSense, Pinterest, and even selling your own items. I will go into these in more detail in another post soon!
I hope this helps you a little if you are on the fence about starting your own blog!



Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Bluehost. I will receive a commission if you purchase a product through my links. Don’t worry though, this is at no additional cost to you 🙂

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