Making a Little Extra Cash for Christmas

Well it’s that time of year again. You know the one where you start stressing out about what to get everyone  for Christmas and maybe even how you’re going to pay for it?

I know in our family there are so many to buy for, kids, nieces, nephews, parents, grandparents, teachers, spouses, co-workers, and maybe each other! On top of all that there are fundraisers galore, charities that we want to donate to and maybe do something nice friends so it can be a tight squeeze some years. After attempts and fails over the years I found a few survey, rebate, coupon sites that do legitimately pay out or save you money.

With that being said the survey sites do take a little time since you have to sit there and answer questions but if you are looking for a little spare cash it is a good way to earn it.

However, you are not going to earn a full time pay check from it! You could earn a few hundred dollars over the course of a couple months or less depending on how many sites you sign up for and the amount of time you put into it. Just think about what you could do with an extra $300-$400? That could be half or all of Christmas paid for, a credit payment, part of an emergency fund, or it could go towards a vacation!

If you are sitting around playing Facebook or watching a show, that’s the perfect opportunity to do a few surveys and put a little extra cash in your account.

Rebate sites


This is a rebate app that you can download to your phone and look up grocery items or retail stores to check out what items are available for rebates. Stores include Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreen’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, and many more! Signup and automatically earn $10 just for creating your account!


Ebates is a website that once you sign into your account, you just choose which store you want to shop at, click on the store, and it takes you right to the website. Once you make a purchase using that link you automatically earn a percentage of your purchase back!!! I earned a little cash back over the weekend buying a pillow online at Kohls. The percentages range anywhere form 1%-19%. They even have a new “Shop in store” option, it looks like you add your your credit/debit card info and it gives you cash back when you make a purchase at an eligible store. Some of the stores include, Petco, Express, Charlotte Russe, Shoe Carnival, BedBath&Beyond, and Sephora!

Join Swagbucks!


This website has many different ways to earn points which you can redeem for gift cards or transfer to your PayPal account. Once you’ve created an account you can watch vidoes, answer surveys, sign up for special offers, and even shop. I was able to complete enough activities over the course of a couple of days that I earned $50!

Survey Sites 

Survey sites are super easy all you do is create an account and start taking surveys! I stumbled upon these in my many years of searching for legit work form home jobs, (insert laugh here) because there are not many out there! The list I’m giving you are ones that I have personally tried and found to be reputable. Just remember you will make a little bit of money but not enough to replace a fulltime income but if you continuously do it maybe you’ll earn enough to pay for or help pay for Christmas or put money into an emergency fund. Every little bit counts!

InBox Dollars 

Super easy to navigate and you receive $5 just for signing up!

Valued opinions

Another easy site to work with, earn $3 just for signing up!

Inbox Pays

A $5 signup bonus is a great incentive to give this survey company a try! You can earn up to $10 per survey playing games, reading emails, completing surveys, redeeming coupons, and shopping online. One of the really nice things about this company is that you earn dollars instead of points that you have to redeem for cash or gift cards.

Panda Research

Receive a $3 signup bonus just for setting up your account! How easy is that?! Get paid to complete  surveys and offers, read emails, receive coupons and discounts.

“Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for some of the companies that I promote and may receive a commission or referral fee from the company at no cost to you.”


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2 thoughts to “Making a Little Extra Cash for Christmas”

  1. I have been doing Ibotta and Inbox Dollars! Saving up till closer to Christmas then will cash it in 🙂 definitely a great way to make some extra $.

    I was couponing and pocketing some of that savings, but in the quest to go crunchy, it isn’t worth it!

    1. That’s awesome! It’s definitely nice to let that money sit so you aren’t tempted to spend it 😉 the coupon if aspect is hard to actually put that money away! I stopped doing it very often a couple years ago. Try to use them here and there for the expensive stuff like dog food and razors!

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