How to be a minimalist at Christmas time!


I have been on a journey for the last year to declutter our home. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not like we were hoarders but there are just items that accumulate in our homes. I feel so much calmer after getting rid of all the extra stuff. If we haven’t used it in a year it goes out of the house.

Clothes that might fit one day, books that we didn’t like, toys that are no good any more but kids don’t want thrown away, it all just sits there giving you more work to do.

I am amazed at how much I have gotten rid of by throwing away, donating or selling. Have you tried the garage sale sites in Facebook? If not, you should! I have made a good bit and I know it’s not just getting thrown away.

Now with Christmas coming I am having a little anxiety about more stuff coming into the house.

We have made the decision that the kids will get 1 thing from us, 1 from Santa and a couple small items in their stockings. Christmas isn’t suppose to be about the material items and frankly all that stuff is going in the garbage or donate pile within the year because it will be broken or out grown.

So if you are in the same boat a few simple things I am doing this year are:

1. I’m not going to buy a lot of stuff for the kids. We are looking at experiences like a hockey game our oldest has been begging to go to or a day at an amusement park. I think kids will remember something like that many years later verses a lego set they got.

2. Ask family not to get them more than 1 item or to go in on something larger. For my kids last birthday I used some of their money and got us a season pass for a children’s museum instead of buying toys. It was a win, win. No junk in our house and they love going there!

3. Donation. If there’s no way around several toys coming in the house, I’m going to have the kids go through their current toys, pick out 3-4, and leave for Santa to take and have the elves fix up for another kid next year 🙂

4. It may not be a popular decision with the kids but I’m getting rid of what needs to go. I have found that every one is happier with less stuff laying around, they have less to fight about cleaning up, I’m not stressed stepping over junk all day and we have more time for the important things. Just think about all of the time you spend picking up Lego’s, Barbie’s, and just random junk!

I’ll post a list of events or experiences that would be fun for kids of all age’s soon!

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