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Surprisingly enough I don’t enjoy shopping anymore after having 3 kids but unfortunately its pretty inevitable since we need things like food. I am always on the hunt for a good sale and other ways to save on the stuff that we need and with diapers, clothes, and school supplies to buy these apps save me a lot of money every week. Here is a list of apps and websites that I love to use, all of these are free to sign up for and if you use them consistently they really are wonderful. I forget to use them sometimes in the midst of wrangling 3 kids and trying to keep additional candy bars off the counter so I know I have the potential to save more than I already do. If you can get out of the house without kids in tow you might save even more since you won’t buy 8+ snack items to keep them quiet and you won’t be exhausted from keeping track of everyone so there’s no need to stop at Starbucks….. I’m  kidding! You always need Starbucks!

I did include links to each of the websites to make it easier for you to check them out, just click on the name of the website!

Ebates – All you do is sign up with your info, pick the store you want to shop at online using their links, and earn cash back when you make  a purchase! Sometimes there is  awaiting period for Ebates to confirm your purchase but the amount of money that  you can save is totally worth it!

Cartwheel app – This is Targets money saving app, that should be enough said but on the off chance that you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the low down. Cartwheel has “offers” that gives you a percentage off or sometimes $ off  at checkout. Sign up for and download the app to your phone, add offers to your list and just have the cashier scan your barcode when you are checking out! Some of the offers are up 50% off and they have awesome offers around the holidays too!

Checkout 51 app – Once you are signed up for an account, all you do is choose from their list of eligible items, purchase said item,  upload your receipt and get paid! You do have to reach $20 before you can get $ back but that shouldn’t take too long.

Ibotta app  – This is pretty much the same deal as with checkout 51,  you have to verify your purchases by uploading your receipts. They now have mobile shopping options with Amazon and Groupon among many retailers as well now. Once you reach $20 you can withdrawn it.

Starbucks app – If you stop at Starbucks often this will be extremely useful for you! You can earn rewards such as free drinks or food after spending a certain amount, free birthday rewards, and you even get a reloadable Starbucks card!

These are just some of my favorite apps, what are some of yours?




Disclosure: I am an affiliate for some companies and may receive a commission or referral fee if you purchase or sign up for certain programs at no additional cost to you.

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