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Starting a blog has been scary, hard, fun, and exciting. I really had no idea what I was doing but I knew I was determined to make it work for me. My kids are still young and I am so grateful for the opportunity to stay home with them but I need something for myself and I know that I have 4 years until they are all in school full time. I did a lot of soul searching about what my next step was going to be regarding my career and I came up empty. I have college credits but no degree yet and frankly we don’t have time for me to go school for the next 3 years since my husband is in an apprenticeship program for the Ironworkers. He is in class anywhere from 1-3 nights a week along working fulltime. It wouldn’t be fair to our family to put myself under so much stress when I don’t absolutely have to. Right now it’s better if I am available for our family while Mike is doing something to further his career and earn more money for our family.
I may go back to school one day but it will be quite some time before that happens. After finally deciding to put school on the back burner after going back and forth on it for a while I started looking into work at home options. If you have done any research yourself you will agree that there are not many options out there that are legit and don’t require 20 years of experience. So one day while feeling kind of down and just not sure what step to take next I started listing the things that I wanted out of a career. I needed the ability to be home maybe even after the kids are all in school full time, make my own hours, I wanted to interact with others but not be forced to so, make decent money, help others, and do something that was interesting and fun.

So where do I go when I want all of these things? Well it took me a while but one day I was reading some of my favorite blogs and started thinking why can’t I do this? I mean they were writing about so many of the same things that I did, thought about, or struggled with. They had the flexibility that I craved, seemed to make a living off of it (I don’t think you will get rich off of blogging FYI!), and they all seemed so passionate about the words the typed. I started doing research on starting a blog and Pinterest was of course my go to! I have a small obsession with Pinterest! I found a lot of helpful and not so helpful posts. After a lot of praying on the subject I decided to take the plunge and buy my own website!
I was really nervous hitting that submit button but I am so glad I did! I kept thinking in the back of my head, “What are you going to write about? Will anyone read it? Are you just wasting your time?” My writing still needs  a lot of work and I am still finding my niche as they call it but I love being able to sit down and talk about my thoughts and put out ideas that will help others. I won’t sugar coat it though, it is a lot of work on my part since I am doing it all on my own instead of paying a web designer to set my page up. I have dabbled in coding, advertising, designing since starting this journey and it has been really confusing and frustrating but so rewarding!
Moving onto the financial part of blogging, I would like to earn an income with my blog of course. Who doesn’t want to? I am hesitant to believe some of the posts that say they’ve earned $30,000 in a month. I am not saying it isn’t true but the fact that you have to purchase a book or course sends up warning bells. Then again I suppose people will purchase those items and they very well could have earned that much selling these products! I would love to make that much every month but right now my goal is a little lower. I am aiming at making $3000 a month by the end of the year. It gives me a goal to work towards everyday and I know if I put my mind to it I will make it happen.

There are times when I get up in the morning feeling tired and not in the mood to work on advertising or blog posts but I have to remind myself of my goal and once I dive in to it I am reinvigorated with energy and have trouble stopping what I am doing. I am trying to set a side certain times throughout the day that I work on my blog. I do an hour in the morning before the kids are up, then a couple of hours throughout the morning if the little are entertained enough or napping, a little in the late afternoon while they play outside and sometimes I will do a  couple hours after everyone is in bed. This is not an exact schedule since kids are unpredictable and we have appointments or plans during those times on some days. I have made myself not stay up so late at night too since I can’t really even focus if I am exhausted and frankly it’s not like I have a deadline that I need to meet the next morning.
My best advise is to find something that you are passionate about whether that is fitness, food, travel, or saving money and go for it! Once you find a subject that you are passionate about the words really do just flow and it will be surprising at how much you will have to say about it. If you are worried about who will even bother to read your blog, you will find readers and it will all get easier as time goes on. Set a goal whether it is a financial or followers/subscribers and don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t happen over night. No one can build a business over night!
I do have a post here explaining about the actual process of setting up a  blog on the  BlueHost server.



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