This Crazy Week

We are at the start of another crazy busy week!

Ethan typically has 2 hockey practices a week on Monday and Wednesdays and every other week he does a lesson with his coach from last year on Thursday nights. So of course this week is one of our busier weeks. Grayson started skating lessons because he wants to be just like Ethan so that has added another night away from home for us. We had to do a makeup lesson plus his regular lesson last week and this week because we missed 2 weeks in a row due to the stomach flu and an out of town hockey tournament.

His team won all 4 games! They’ve had a rough season so it was nice to see these kids have a little pep in their step!


Grayson loved the beginning of his 1st lesson but about half way through he fell and the helmet cage hit him in the face. That plus his fear of being out there with out mom or dad did him in and I had to go get him but once Mike retied his skates and gave a little pep talk he went back out. (I haven’t had to tie skates in a long time and forgot how much work it is!)

The second night was scarier for him because he didn’t want to fall. He was almost in tears and I felt so bad for him but he ended up being pushed around on a chair with a stick and puck for the whole 30 minutes by one of the coaches lol

We will see how this Thursday and Friday night go!


Two of our nieces and 1 of our nephews started basketball over the last couple of weeks so I am hoping we can make their games this weekend. It’s so fun to watch them do something they love 🙂 Plus I imagine kindergartners trying to play basketball is nothing but cuteness!!!

Last week I decided to put my Beachbody OnDemand subscription to use. I’ve been paying for it for over a year and I have used it sporadically which is financially wasteful and just plain dumb considering how much I complain about how I look to my husband. I decided I had to start using in consistently or cancel it.

The 80 day obsession started last week and I feel it!!! I haven’t been so sore in quite some time. Every time I had to squat down over the weekend I was groaning. This week I’m a little less sore.

I usually have good intentions with working out but I always let life get in the way. I put off working out and tell my self I’ll do it after the kids go to bed but of course 8:30 rolls around and working out for an hour seems less appealing. Then it just rolls down hill from there and I end up being disappointed in myself for quitting.



Yesterday I kept finding reasons not to workout, the kids needed me, I had to cook dinner, needed to clean the kitchen and then get bedtime going. 8:15 rolled around with both littles in bed, Ethan at practice (a sweet friend/fellow hockey mom took him), and Mike was at school. I had a renewed desire to write for my blog but I knew I needed to work out.

Normally I would have just said I’ll skip tonight and start back tomorrow, no big deal right? Instead, I held myself accountable, grabbed my laptop, weights, resistance bands, and worked up a sweat! It felt good to follow through with my intentions. I know I will feel better about myself, be less tired, and be proud of my progress if I can just keep myself motivated. Night time is less than ideal to work out but I am proud of myself for following through.

This was my accountability check in picture of the water we had to drink yesterday and I was reading my new book 🙂


This morning I was suppose to join a book group/mom group but my friend who was hosting it had a sick baby so that got canceled. If you’re looking for a quick but thought provoking read, Mom Enough is a great book! I’m only 2 chapters in but it gave me a lot to think about in regards to how I view my self as a mom.

Today I realized I haven’t done many crafts/activities with the littles since school started back! I decided it was time to change that and we did a little experiment that I’ve been wanting to try.

I found it on Facebook one day and saved it. The original link is here.

It was super simple but did not turn out exactly like the original video. It was more than likely user error on my part lol I can never get projects to turn out like they do in the videos!

Grayson got a kick out of it and that’s all I care about though.


I just filled a round pan with enough milk to just cover the bottom, dropped in food coloring making a circle with each color starting on the outer edges and worked my way in, and then added in a cotton ball soaked in dish soap in the middle of the pan.

Like I said it was super simple, cute, and it wasn’t something that I had to go buy specific items for since all supplies needed were ordinary household items for us.

Yesterday we had unusually high temperatures of 50+ degrees and lots of rain which turned to snow as the night went on so we had a nice layer of snow on the ground when we woke up this morning. I am not usually happy about this but the dog stopped coming in caked in mud from running around in the lake that our yard had turned into and it gave us a chance to try painting snow!


As you can see from a lot of my photos, my littles love wearing pajamas all day, everyday if they can!

Snow painting entertained my kids a lot longer than I expected. Grayson is easily entertained but Emmy has the attention span of a gnat.

This was another super simple activity for the kids and I can’t believe I never gave it a try over the last couple of years when I was babysitting, my nieces would have loved it!

I put a little bit of water in small Tupperware containers and added food coloring. I put towels down for the kids to sit on so the floor wouldn’t be soaked. I’m glad I did because the containers got dumped out on the towels. Luckily, the towels I used weren’t super nice because the food coloring stained them with no chance of getting those colors out!

The excitement of painting snow wore off so we grabbed some of our “little people”, some spoons, and they had a great time.

Since the snow is still fresh, I think we will try snow ice cream tonight before the dog tramples all of it!

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